It is quite ironic in a way that Centennial CO had a population during the last census count of just over 100,000. It is considered to be one of the safest cities in the entire country, and guess what. Centennial just became an actual city in 2001. Are you in the area now, or are you going to be traveling to the city soon? It is time to show you three restaurants that will be good places to choose from for a good meal when you get to Centennial CO.

My Favorite Muffin is one of the three restaurants, and you are going to find this place on East Dry Creek Road. As you can imagine, you are going to find some delicious homemade muffins there, and bagels are also abundant. Maybe you just want a nice treat, or this is a muffin type of breakfast day for your. Bagels and muffins await you at My Favorite Muffin in Centennial.

Yazoo BBQ Company is on East Arapahoe Road, and it is known for serving up rib tips, peach cobbler, bacon wrapped chicken and all kinds of great food. It’s hard to go wrong with a barbecue restaurant, especially this one. This is just one of the great places for barbecue in the city by the way, but it’s certainly a good one.

Barista Bike is another popular establishment. This is a very unique place, and there is espresso on tap. It is a solar powered setup, too, by the way. Barista Bike may not be a restaurant, but you need a good spot for coffee, right?

Barista Bike is an interesting stop for sure, and I think you will like Yazoo Barbecue Company and My Favorite Muffin, too. These three establishments will give you a good idea as to what you will find when it comes to restaurants in Centennial, Colorado.

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